Custom Design & Manufacturing Services

If we don't have a piece of equipment that meets your specific need, we can custom design & manufacture a product that addresses and solves your unique problem. Our highly skilled oilfield equipment experts are veterans of the industry. We listen to the specific problem you need to solve and provide cost effective, custom solutions to fix it.


Tefsco Equipment is Designed & Manufactured to the Highest Industry Standards

Products that are designed by TEFSCO meet all relevant regulations and standards, both national and international. Products can be built based on customer drawings or designed in coordination with client engineers and operations to ensure a turnkey system that satisfies regulations, standards, and is user friendly to operate. Our products are manufactured with marine grade aluminum, approved for use in the most extreme environments.

TEFSCO’s service technicians are at the ready to serve our customers, nationally, or internationally. We offer a complete line of:

  • Equipment Design and Manufacturing
  • Automation Systems Design and Manufacturing
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Systems Design and Manufacturing
  • Pneumatic/Hydraulic Systems Design and Manufacturing

These solutions can be customized to suit your specific requirements. With expertise in the areas of Pneumatic/Hydraulic Controls, Electrical Controls, and Automation, Tefsco strives for customer satisfaction and seamless integration of process controls.

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