Capillary Tubing & Support Installation Equipment

Tefsco offers a wide variety of equipment specifically designed to support the transportation, installation & retravel of Capillary Tubing, Tubing Encapsulated Conductor (TEC) & Cable for Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP).

Sheaves and Hanger Bars

Tefsco offers custom designed and manufactured sheave to meet specific applications. The sheave design is reviewed by a 3rd Party Registered Professional Engineer and  Certified by Lloyds Register to DNV Standard For Certification No. 2.22. Lifting Appliances.


Tefsco Sheaves are rated by Head Pull which is equal to 2 times the line pull.  The chart below show standard load rating and diameters available.  Contact us for custom sizes and load rating.

Head PullDiameterNote Head PullDiameterNote
5,000 lbs 24 inch Load Tested   10,000 lbs 48 inch DNV Certified
5,000 lbs 36 inch Load Tested   12,000 lbs 48 inch Load Tested
10,000 lbs 48 inch Load Tested   30,000 lbs 48 inch DNV Certified

Certified Sheaves are supplied with stainless steel roller shafts, oil impregnated nylon rollers, and 100% Secondary Safety Retention System. Rollers can be custom cut with multiple grooves for multi-line flatpacks. Gated sheave are also available that allow the line to be inserted into the sheave at any point.

Sheave Hanger Bars

Certified Sheave Hanger Bars are available in several configurations

Number of SheavesTotal Bar Rating Note
2 20,000 lbs Load Tested
3 20,000 lbs Load Tested
5 65,000 lbs DNV Certified
5 110,000 lbs DNV Certified

Air Manifold

Welded Stainless Steel air manifold rated for 100 PSI working pressure has 1 inlet and 8 outlets.  Each outlet has a Safety air Exhaust ball valve.  When valves are closed, the exhaust port vents air pressure so you can disconnect air tools safely. The manifold is equipped with a 120 PSI safety pop off valve.

Motor Lead Extension Installation Jib

An example of Tefsco’s knowledge of the industry and unique problem solving ability. This custom designed and manufactured piece of equipment is DNV Certified for offshore use. 

Protector Box

Designed to transport cast line protector clamps directly to the rig floor. This light weight all aluminum structure is DNV Certified for offshore use. Adjustable shelfs makes customizing the clamp installation profile easy from bottom of string to top.

Pull Down Bar

Up to 5 lines of either ¼, 3/8, ½, 5/8 can easily be inserted into this custom designed and manufactured aluminum pulldown bar.  This provides a safe and secure way for lines to be pulled thru a sheave during rig-up.

Job Box & Kit Box

An easily customized was to transport small tools and equipment from the shop to the rig floor. Work with the Tefsco design team to configure these all aluminum weather tight enclosures to hold all of the tools and special equipment you need. The Boxes can be DNV Certified.

Spool Transport Skids

A convenient and safe way to transport spools ranging from 36 inch through 74 inch diameter using the same skid. These skids are manufactured of structural aluminum and can be DNV Certified.

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