Custom Design AND Manufacturing Firm for the Oilfield & Energy Sector

For over a decade we’ve designed & manufactured rugged, reliable & quality products that are certified to meet national & international standards for excellence for the oil & gas & energy industry.

High Quality, Durable Oil & Gas Equipment & Manufacturing

At Tefsco our products & customized manufacturing solutions meet the highest, strictest quality standards, including DNVGL-ST-E271 2.7-1, DNVGL-ST-E272 2.7-2, DNVGL-ST-E273 2.7-3. Our oil and gas equipment is constructed with rugged, marine grade aluminum & can safely operate in all high-risk, high pressure & high temperature environments. Aluminum has a better strength-to-weight ratio than other materials, meaning it's stronger & lighter for rigs where every pound counts. It's also better at withstanding extreme temperatures in more brutal environments. We have a long track record of providing engineering & design expertise to the oil and gas industry.

  • Structural analysis will be performed by 3rd party registered professional engineer
  • Design review will be performed by Lloyds Register
  • All welding will be performed using Tefsco Welding Procedure Specification A101 For Welding in a 6G position reviewed and approved by Lloyds Register
  • Cost for all Certification including Design Review, Preconstruction meeting, all in process hold point inspection, load test and final report is included in the cost.

Our Product Offerings

We offer a complete line of support equipment for the installation of Capillary Tubing. This including many sizes of Spooling Unit both with and without high pressure pump systems, Operator Control Cabins, NAS Filtration Units, various sizes of Sheaves, custom rig floor boxes to facilitate the installation of clamps, and control line Pull Down Bars.


Spooling Units

Tefsco Filtration Units

Filtration Units

Tefsco Capillary Tubing and Cable Installation Equipment

Capillary Tubing & Support Installation Equipment

Tefsco Control Cabins

Control Cabins

We Can Customize & Manufacture For Your Specific Need

Have a specific problem that you can’t solve with off the shelf products? We can help you!
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