Spooling Units

Spooling Units are utilized to deploy and retrieve capillary tubing, TEC (Tubing Encapsulated Conductor) and TEF (Tubing Encapsulated Fiber). Spools are fully contained within the Spooling Unit to prevent damage to the line on the spool at the well site and while in transit.

Each unit provides easily adjustable automatic tension of the tubing during the installment process. The Spooling Unit provide sufficient tension to spool up tubing when removal of the tubing is required.  Level wind systems are available that aid in the even wrapping of tubing on the spool.

The Spooling Unit can also be equipped with a high test and filtration pressure system. The pump system utilizes stainless steel cone and threaded high pressure tubing and fittings.  The system has a working pressure of 20,000 psi. Multi-port high pressure swivels can installed on either end of the spool shaft.

The pump system design allows pressure to be selectively applied on up to four lines at a time. Pressure on individual lines is monitored through 30,000 psi gauges; pressure can be recorded throughout the installation or during assembly testing utilizing a recorder


Reliable, Rugged, Aluminum Construction

Custom designed all welded HD Marine Grade Aluminum Frame and Structure. The equipment provided will be designed and manufactured in accordance with the applicable sections of DNVGL-ST-E271 2.7-1; 2.7-2, and 2.7-3

A Lloyds surveyor will conduct a pre-construction meeting, review welding procedure, witness all load test, and weld inspection.  A Construction Certificate and Final Inspection will be issued.

Lift Test Performed by Independent 3rd party witnessed by DNV Surveyor, Professional Engineer Certified Drawings, Lifting Eyes, Shackles, & Slings certified Load Tested. 

Spooling Unit


  • Powder-Coated Aluminum Skid (Specify Color)
  • Design proven with over 20 years of field history
  • Accommodates large & multi-line spools
  • High-pressure swivels allow continuous monitoring during spooling
  • High-pressure, high-volume pump system allows selective pressure adjustment on 1 to 4 lines
  •  gauges allow pressure monitoring of individual lines
  • Pump system pre-plumbed for output to a chart recorder
  • Built in multiple sizes to accommodate spools with flange diameter from 24” to 126” and varying widths up to 89”
  • Unit design can be customized for specific applications
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