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TEFSCO provides our Oilfield & Industrial customer with: 

  • Custom Control Line Eqiipment Design/Manufacturing
  • NAS Fluid Filtration Units & Certification Services
  • Capillary Completion Equipment 
  • Capillary Tubing & Equipment Pressure Testing
  • Surface & Downhole Chemical Injection Systems
  • Capillary Control Line High Pressure Fittings Sales
  • Oil & Gas Well & Process Systems Wireless Sensor Monitoring   

Our technical staff has over 75 years experience in designing and building custom specialized control line completion systems.  Products and services, designed and built by our staff, are being used around the world.  All design work is done inhouse.

TEFSCO Designs and Builds PROVEN OFFSHORE and LAND Oilfield Equipment according to DNV (Det Norske Veritas), Shell, or BHP Lift Certification Standards.  Some of our Custom products include NAS Fluid Filtration Units, Powered Control Line and Wireline Spooling Units, Explosion Proof or Regular Control/Work Cabins, Specialty Offshore Box Shipping Containers, and Hydraulic Powered Systems (HPU).


 specializes in NAS (National Aeronautical Standards) & ISO Fluid Filtration Cleanliness Class Fluid Filtration & Certifications.  We design & build NAS Filtration Units & provide NAS Filtration Services for all types of Subsea, SCSSV (Safety Valve), Hydraulic Control Systems, and Chemical Injection Fluids & Systems.  We adhere to NAS 1638 Quality Procedures for cleaning & pressure testing Hydraulic Fluid Systems, Subsea Equipment, Umbilical Control Lines, and Capillary Tubing.  We also provide certified pressure testing services for all completion control lines and equipment.

TEFSCO also Designs and Builds builds Solar, Electric, or Pneumatic Powered Surface Chemical Injection Packages (SCIP), Downhole Chemical Injection Systems, Wireless Well/Process Facility Monitoring Systems, and Filtration Pumps, Filters, and Equipment.

TEFSCO can provide our customers with any size and type (welded. seamless, coiled, etc.) Stainless Steel, Inconel, Monel, etc. capillary tubing.  We deal with many quality name brand vendors and would be pleased to bid on any project you may have. 

Call or Email for Pricing and Availability.

 is located at: 
309 Mecca St.
Lafayette, LA 70508

 P.O. Box 81445
Lafayette, LA 70598 

For further information or questions, please contact Keith Lalumia at 337.706.8629 or email klalumia@tefsco.com
























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