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Process Safety Systems

TEFSCO’s team of Automation, Instrumentation and Electrical Technicians have built control systems for several major corporations and have decades of experience. To ensure quality at the jobsite, technicians are trained in reading schematics, P&IDs, and are well versed in safety system design per API RP 14C.

TEFSCO can design, fabricate, and install pneumatic and electric control systems as well as provide startup and commissioning services.

Main Line Block Valve (MLBV) Controls

Whether our clients have a pre-designed MLBV control panel or are in need of a custom design, TEFSCO can handle the project. Our RTU based control panels are complete with a solar powered system to ensure successful valve operation and reliable communications to alert operators.

In addition to providing turnkey control panels, TEFSCO service technicians can provide on-site installation anywhere in the country.

We are always looking for opportunities to innovate. Take a moment to look at our Solar-powered Air Compressors that would provide instrument supply to operate control valves with the need for fuel gas systems.

Chemical Injection Packages

Chemical Injection Skid We provide Solar-powered, Electric, or Pneumatic driven Surface Chemical Injection Packages (SCIP), Downhole Chemical Injection Systems, Filtration Pumps, Filters, and Equipment.

Our recently completed design of a compact Chemical Injection Pump Skid has provided companies with an inexpensive and fully customizable way to provide chemical injection capabilities in applications requiring up to 30,000 PSI WP @ a rate of 18-20 GPH. Utilizing a custom in-house-fabricated aluminum pull-tested and certified frame, this 160 lb skid can be moved by hand, or by sling and shackle utilizing fully DNV 2.7-1 & 2.7-3 certified pad-eyes.

Gas Chromatograph Buildings

Gas Chomatograph Building Gas Chromatograph and analyzer buildings are designed and fabricated based on customer requirements and specifications. Most units are designed for operation in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations and include electrical circuits, chromatographs, H2S/H2O analyzers, sampling systems, calibration gas bottles, and heat trace.

TEFSCO provides full service support to include Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), delivery, field installation, and commissioning.

RTU Buildings

Like our RTU panels, buildings are designed to meet customer requirements and specifications for the project. TEFSCO can fabricate buildings and RTU systems based on customer supplied design drawings or will custom design a package for the specific application. Buildings most often contain the RTU as well as electrical lighting panels to provide power distribution to site equipment such as the RTU, Gas Chromatograph, Heat Trace, etc.

TEFSCO works closely with facilities engineers to ensure the buildings and equipment meet applicable codes and regulations.

Once fabrication is complete, service technicians can provide delivery, field installation, and commissioning.

RTU Panels

RTU Panel RTU panels are designed to meet customer requirements based on the specific application. Our team of engineers, designers, programmers and technicians have vast experience with RTU and PLC based systems that perform many functions throughout the oil and gas industry.

Application Examples
  • Saltwater Disposal Pump Systems
  • VFD Packages
  • Flow Measurement
  • Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Camera Systems
  • Wellhead Control
  • Tank Monitoring
  • Wastewater Applications

Alternative Energy Power Solutions

Solar, Wind, and Thermal Electric Generators (TEGs) are all important sources of power in remote locations. We can design custom solutions based on the locale and power requirements to ensure successful and long-lasting power for your equipment.

Our competitive edge is due to our in-house application engineers, designers and welders. This enables us to include key personnel in the design phase and keeps pricing competitive without the need of outsourcing.

Solar Air Compressor Units

The use of fuel gas on pipelines, well pads, and production platforms reduces the service life of equipment and causes excessive fugitive emissions. Premature equipment failure and increased maintenance on components can be an expensive investment without correcting the root cause of the problem.

Our solar powered air compressor units can provide clean, dry, compressed air to supply the necessary equipment, ESD, and TSE loops on pipeline valves, well pads and platforms. Solar power skids and air tanks are sized to provide enough backup air volume to operate equipment such as valves, vessels, open well SSVs, and charge the system after a shut-in.

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