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Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)

We pride ourselves on developing innovative and simple to operate Hydraulic Power Units (HPU). Our base model HPUs can be custom designed to meet your specific application.

Our standard HPUs range from 5,000 PSI to 30,000 PSI and come with several options to include accumulator banks, electrical data logging equipment, pump stroke counters, fluid totalizers, and more.

The design of our HPUs are always focused around operator friendly controls and easily accessible components for field servicing and repair.

Topside HPU for Subsea Operations

The topside HPU designed for subsea operations is a modified version of our base HPU. This modified HPU includes a backpressure circuit that provides user-adjustable hydraulic back pressure to non-pressurized umbilical lines to prevent collapse while subsea.

Flushing and Testing Packages

TEFSCO’s multi-functional team of designers, fabricators, and controls technicians can provide turnkey flushing units based on client needs. Our flushing packages can be specified with pneumatic or electrical VFD motor-driven pumps. Real-time particle counters can be integrated into the packages to reduce flushing time and take the guess work out of the operation.

Our NAS Filtration Units & NAS Filtration Services are used in all types of Subsea, SCSSV (Safety Valve), Hydraulic Control Systems, and Chemical Injection Fluids & Systems. We adhere to NAS 1638 Quality Procedures for cleaning & pressure testing Hydraulic Fluid Systems, Subsea Equipment, Umbilical Control Lines, and Capillary Tubing.

Pressure testing equipment can also be designed into the package that would allow flushing and pressure testing to be completed seamlessly and without the need to disconnect any equipment.

Chemical Injection Packages and Skids

Chemical Injection Skid We provide Solar-powered, Electric, or Pneumatic driven Surface Chemical Injection Packages (SCIP), Downhole Chemical Injection Systems, Filtration Pumps, Filters, and Equipment.

Our recently completed design of a compact Chemical Injection Pump Skid has provided companies with an inexpensive and fully customizable way to provide chemical injection capabilities in applications requiring up to 30,000 PSI WP @ a rate of 18-20 GPH. Utilizing a custom in-house-fabricated aluminum pull-tested and certified frame, this 160 lb skid can be moved by hand, or by sling and shackle utilizing fully DNV 2.7-1 & 2.7-3 certified pad-eyes.

Custom PLC Applications

TEFSCO’s PLC panels are designed to meet customer requirements based on the specific application. Our team of engineers, designers, programmers and technicians have vast experience with RTU and PLC based systems that perform many functions throughout the oil and gas industry.

In addition to the base PLC application, TEFSCO can build custom SCADA systems to meet varied project requirements. These systems are usually a combination of integrated hardware and software that bring the field data to the office. Our team can create stunning visualization screens, manage databases for historical data, integrate hardware and plan out the communications link.

Pressure Test Pump Packages

Pressure test pump packages are designed with operator friendly controls and provide critical data for use in determining successful tests.

Our standard pressure test packages range from 1,000 PSI to 30,000 PSI and come with several options to include chart recorders, electrical data logging equipment, fluid totalizers, and more.

Flowhead/Lubricator Control Units

The Flowhead/Lubricator control units designed for our energy service company clients allow for easy operator interface and maintenance. The control panel contains hydraulic pumps, valves, and gauges to operate the Master Valve (MV), Swab, Kill, Production, and two lubricator valves.

The unit also comes with an ESD circuit that allows the operator to function the Kill and Production valves only when the rig ESD signal is clear. This signal can be bypassed for testing purposes without having to close the Kill and Production valve. A pneumatic indicator provides a visual status to the operator as to the current state of the ESD signal. The Kill and Production valves would be immediately closed in the event of a rig ESD signal loss.

Units can be specified to operate 10K or 15K lubricators. Standalone Flowhead and/or Lubricator panels can be ordered separately to meet your operational requirements.

Wireline Valve (WLV) & BOP Closing Units

WLV Unit Closing units can be custom designed per customer request. Our units are often purchased by pressure control companies for use as rental assets. Our most recent unit was designed to operate a quad wireline valve package. This package included hydraulic pumps, accumulators and quick-connect bulkhead connectors. Hydraulic hand pumps were included to operate the Pack-Off, Line Wiper, Head Catcher, and Tool Trap.

Our frame and panel packages are designed and certified to meet DNV and Shell lifting requirements. Operator friendly overlays are applied to ensure easy operation by field personnel.

Grease Injection Units

Grease Injection Unit Our Grease Injection Units are used in wireline operations and have provided companies with an inexpensive way to provide their operators with an interface and control system that is very intuitive to use. Units are dual pump driven and can be specified for 10K or 15K pressures.

The reels utilized on our 15K model are custom engineered and built by TEFSCO. These dual-hose reels contain an integrated swivel rated for 15,000 PSI which allows hoses to remain connected throughout the operation.

Services Offered

  • Electrical and Instrumentation Installation
  • Tubing Fitters
  • High Pressure Tubing Installation - Coning and Threading
  • Troubleshooting and Field Repair
  • Commissioning
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